As crappy as 2016 seemed, there were definitely some pretty cool things that happened too. Here's a look back at some highlights from each month this past year. 


Pics Art hosted the first Blog Party of the year at their headquarters in San Francisco. We had calligrapher, Bianca Mascarro, join us to teach the Calligraphy 101. More photos from the party can be found here.


My sweet cousin Al and her boyfriend got engaged and I got to help with the proposal. Read more about it here


We moved back to San Francisco! Along with a new neighborhood and our own space, we also got a pretty sweet view. Can't wait to share a post about all the fun things we've decorated our home with.

J for Jamie Blog | San Francisco


Chris and I went to Kauai, HI. It was my first time in Hawaii and I absolutely loved it. See my post about our trip here.

We also had a Blog Party at our first retail clothing space, hosted by Kit & Ace in Burlingame. It was so much fun to shop and mingle with other bloggers. See more photos from the party here.


PicsArt hosted another Blog Party, this time with a wanderlust theme. We had the Punk Post founder, Alexis; Spot Content and Community Leader, Kelly; and PicsArt Social Media Manager, Nanette, speak to our bloggers about creating the best content while traveling. Check out more photos from the event here


We had a low key summer and spent time with friends and family. One warm June weekend, we celebrated our friend Katie's birthday at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Talk about a trip down memory lane


Chris and I did more city exploring like visiting the remodeled SF MOMA and checking out some new neighborhoods. 


We traveled to Vancouver, Canada to celebrate my best friend, Stormy's, wedding! We spent a week sightseeing with the bride and groom and 3 other of their best friends. Then ended the vacation  with their beautiful backyard wedding, overlooking the bay in Squamish.


This month was a bit of a doozy since I had my second bunionectomy operation. Prior to the surgery, Chris took me to Jenner for a "bunion moon" as we hilariously called it. Admittedly after the surgery, I did get to rest a lot and do some serious Netflix and chill. 


I spent this month in a post-surgery boot and crutches but I have some really lovely friends that entertained me, took me out and were super patient with how slow I was. Thank God for friends and family!



Okay, so this month had some crappy moments but despite the outcome, I got to cast my ballot for a FEMALE president. How awesome is that? There was also Thanksgiving, family time and one of my best friends adopted an adorable dog that is now best friends with Charlie.


I turned 30! I had a beautiful and amazing celebration in Palm Springs with some of my closest friends. 

 And now we are spending Christmas through New Years doing an epic Southwest road trip with our sweet Charlie. I always thought I wouldn't like road trips but I think I've changed my mind! And with a huge sigh of relief, we made it to the end of the year! 

Jamie Mieuli