Life with Charlie | Month 2

J for Jamie Blog | Life with Charlie, Month 2 Charlie is now about 6 months and 30 pounds. We did one of those DNA tests on her to find out what breed she is - it came back with German Shepard, American Eskimo and Terrier mix. She has become 100% comfortable with both Chris and I, especially at home. Because of her shyness, she's extremely obedient out in public but is more adventurous and wants to sniff everything. She needs a bath almost every week because she loves the backyard and gets pretty dirty out there. She also desperately wants to sleep on our bed but mean ol' Chris won't let her - so she jumps up there every chance she gets and sits on his pillows. We've surrendered to her on the couch and she loves to snuggle up next to us. She spent her first weekend at the Wag Hotel while we were away at a wedding. We think she really enjoyed it but she was definitely happy to be home with us. She has also started puppy obedience classes at the Zoom Room and loves it - she's their star student!

Charlie is getting bigger by the day (she's grown from the time I started preparing this post!) and she's also so smart and learns extremely fast. Like any good dog parent, we pretty much center our lives around how to make Charlie happy, this weekend we'll be exploring the city with her. Can't wait to share!









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