J for Jamie Blog | Post-Op Office My office this week, all thanks to my bunions. Bunions, the most unglamorous deformity ever. And I have them! I've had them since I can remember, which make sense since mine are genetic. I've always tried to hide my feet from the public eye. When I was young and went swimming with the other kids, someone would inevitably ask me "what's wrong with your feet?". Growing up in the Central Valley where it gets up to the triple digits in the summer, my toes were always exposed thus making my feet-hiding attempt almost impossible. I've longed to be able to wear flip-flops or strappy shoes comfortably without being so insecure about people looking at my feet. In the past few years, I've come to accept the way my feet look. I've found what kinds of shoes best fit them and mostly I don't feel judged when getting a pedicure. Unfortunately, after our trip to Europe, I've realized how much pain these horrid bunions have started to give me. It became painful to walk when we were traveling when I've never experienced it before. I visited my doctor and as I suspected, bunion surgery is unavoidable. There really won't be a convenient time to do it at this point in life so this morning, I'm going in for surgery on my right foot. At least since I've decided to do the surgeries, almost everyone I've talked to knows someone who's had the surgery or has had it themselves. Where were all my bunion sisters and brothers when I was growing up?? I wouldn't have felt like such a freakazoid.

On the bright side, I'm looking forward to buying myself a new pair of beautiful strappy shoes to show off my feet. Also, I'll be getting a lot of sleep this week. Wish me luck!