J for Jamie Blog | Prague We spent 2 days in Prague during our European vacation. The city is beautiful and we were able to see all the big landmarks in the short time we were there. I think Prague would have been really fun to visit during college because of the ridiculously cheap beer, lack of indoor smoking restrictions and the nightlife. Except for the cheap beer, none of that is really appealing to us anymore. We also weren't the biggest fans of the food (it's pretty much all heavy meat dishes) but we did appreciate how inexpensive everything was. My favorite part of the city is the Hradčany district where the castle is. The view is amazing and I love seeing all the red-roofed buildings. A short walk from there is the Charles Bridge where there are some impressive street performers and a picturesque swans floating on the river. I also really enjoyed our beautiful Airbnb apartment which was on the road between the bridge and Old Town Square and lined with high-end designer shops. I recommend Prague as a day or weekend trip if you're traveling through that area. See more of our travels on Instagram by searching the hashtag, #chrisandjamietravels.


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