Packing for Europe

J for Jamie Blog | What I Packed I had a lot of anxiety about overpacking for our 3 week trip to Europe. I tried my best to pack only the essentials and clothes that were versatile in color as well as material. I actually wore everything I brought but I'll admit, I was pretty sick of my clothes by the third week. However, I think what I brought worked out well for traveling so I thought I'd share. The weather was cold in every city we visited and I ended up wearing my jacket most of the time with a top and sweater underneath. Hope this helps for those of you with upcoming travel plans!

JforJamieBlog | What I Packed

4 Hats

These were a lifesaver in the cold! The beanies were great for days when we were doing a lot of sightseeing and walking around (also covering up bad hair days). I would wear the turbans more at night when we went to dinner when I'd get a little more dolled up.


4 Sweaters

Because I was limited in space, I only brought four sweaters, all that were versatile and neutral colored. I would layer a top underneath for warmth and I'd throw on different necklaces to switch it up a bit.


10 Tops

I found these great long sleeved tops by Leith from Nordstrom. They were the perfect layering top and I got them in black, grey and burgundy. I also had a mix of white short sleeved tops and some long button-up tops.


5 Pants

In hindsight, I would have just brought 5 pairs of the thicker Zara leggings I had because they were comfortable and warm. The jeans I brought didn't fit well for some reason and the yoga pants I was hoping to pass for leggings were just too thin for the cold weather. They were, however, good for layering under other pants.



I brought enough socks and underwear to last about 2 weeks. This way I wouldn't need to worry about doing laundry very often. I also brought about 4 bras which seemed like the right amount. That little bag is an undergarment bag I made that has a section for clean underwear and another one for worn.




I limited myself to one medium sized hard-sided suitcase, a carry-on and 1 backpack for my purse. My carry-on is from Kate Spade Saturday and it's just perfect! It held a lot of stuff that I wanted easy access to but it easy to tote through the airport and train stations and it fit perfectly under my seat on the plane. The bottom compartment is great for throwing in a pair of shoes and other bulkier items. My Baggu backpack was also perfect because it freed up my hands to take photos. I also like the hidden side-pocket so I could easily access my wallet without being too worried about it being pick-pocketed. I also brought a small wristlet (not pictured) that I used when going out to dinner.


Other handy things I brought:

Compress travel bags - these were a lifesaver and saved so much room in our suitcasesTravel adaptors - this might be obvious but we had ones that had USB plugs which were great for charging up our phonesDisposable toilet seat covers - if you're a germaphobe like me, be aware, public European toilets do not come with theseNice travel shampoo + conditioner - the Kiehl's travel-sized shampoo and conditioner lasted me the whole trip and was definitely good to have after long days of traveling. Plus, you never know if your hotel or apartment will come with amenities or what they'll be like.Air Repair Rescue Balm - oh my goodness, I love this stuff and I swear by it. It's a lipgloss and can be used as a skin salve. It definitely kept me moisturized in the cold harsh weather.Travel journal - my friend Hailee gifted us a custom journal for our trip and it was perfect to jot down what we did and ate everyday. I love having a detailed record to look back on and it's quite handy for future blog posts!