Meet Mike + Emily


ILK_S2014_Selects_KB_0892 I came across Ilk Outerwear while perusing interesting projects on Kickstarter. I was so intrigued, I reached out and asked to feature them on J for Jamie. I've been on a mission to downsize my closet to own fewer clothes of higher quality that will remain classic staples forever. Mike and Emily Weiss are helping women do just that by uniting modern performance and wardrobe staples and I can't wait to get my hands on a Hepburn cardigan! Meet Mike and Emily, founders of Ilk Outerwear.

Who they are / where they're from / what inspires them by Mike Weiss

Ilk Outerwear is founded by Bay Area couple Mike Weiss and Emily Gill. Emily is a third generation San Franciscan who describes her style as classic. She was the gatekeeper throughout the development process who had to give it two enthusiastic thumbs up before we move'd on to the next step in the process. Mike is a transplant from Los Angeles with a background in marketing. It was during his time working for an outdoor apparel company in SF that he learned how an idea goes from a sketch to the retail store. 

Ilk Outerwear is inspired by the idea that you should be able to do more with less (ie #slowfashion). Why own 15 cardigans when you only wear 4 and then, with specific outfits in specific situations. We want to move away from this "bucket" philosophy and make pieces that you would never want to take off. Suddenly you have this piece like the Hepburn which can just as seamlessly be work appropriate as it is comfortable commuting to the office on your bike as it is lounging around on a lazy sunday at home.

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