Guest Blogger: MontgomeryFest

Montgomery Fest While I'm traveling, I asked Annie of MontgomeryFest to guest post about one of her favorite cities while living abroad. I love that she chose one of my favorites, Venice, Italy. Check out her blog to read more about her adventures abroad and now in San Francisco. Thanks for sharing Annie!

by annie Four months after our “I do”s, my husband and I boarded a one-way flight to Brussels, Belgium, where we essentially had a two-year honeymoon. We enjoyed living in the capital of the European Union, but our priority was travel. Any chance we had, we were off exploring another part of the continent. Paris was our default if we found ourselves on Saturday morning with no weekend plans. Italy became my spirit country. And we felt it necessary to greet Croatia in person when they were welcomed into the EU in July 2013. Every city was an interview for where we plan to retire and every language became a door into another local’s home. To pick a favorite is quite easily the hardest thing I could do and the most prevalent question I receive. There’s a favorite for every category, season, sparkling wine. So, if I have to pick one to share with you, I wanted it to be dreamy. And the epitome of dreamy has to be Venice, Italy. This city with its pinks and deep turquoise waters and the gondolier characters straight out of story books – it’s the stuff of dreams, is what it is. I will tell you this - Italy is magnificent and it’s definitely no secret, so off-season is key. We went the first of November and enjoyed the fall breeze and crowds only the size of American tourist cities. The perfect itinerary includes getting lost through the narrow streets that dead end at waterways, catching vaporetti (or water buses) to tour other islands, and dining off the beaten path, that’s where you’ll find the most authentic hole-in-the-wall-best-meal-of-your-life restaurants. We heartily believe in dining where the locals dine, not the tourists. I’m still left in amazement over this incredible city, so I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking..