Guest Blogger: Cultural Chromatics

IMG_0182.JPG To keep with the travel theme, I asked my lovely friend, Nanette of Cultural Chromatics, to share her favorite spots in San Francisco because I think San Francisco is one of the best cities in the world to visit. Check out Nanette's local guide to San Francisco and then head over to her blog to get delicious recipes, follow along on her travels and get some great design and style inspiration.

by nanette Hi everyone! Nanette reporting in. Fun fact: Jamie and I go way back-- in fact our moms were best friends in high school! Ironically, we only saw each other maybe once or twice as kids, and recently reunited at Blogher 2014. We both happened to be attending and met up for the first time in years, literally. As you can probably tell, we hit it off right away, much to the joy of our moms as well. It's a little bit of a Cinderella story-- the blogger edition! And so, I'm honored to be guest posting on Jamie's blog while she's exploring all of what Europe has to offer (and lesbereal, I'm a litttttle jealous too).

As a Bay Area native, San Francisco is near and dear to my heart. Packed in this tiny little town is a treasure trove of wonders that would take weeks to explore. But what if you only had one day? Well, then that makes a little difficult. With my cousin visiting from Hong Kong recently, it inspired me to think-- what would be a perfect day in San Francisco for me? What places and space would embody the spirit of San Francisco for both a native and a tourist? After much rumination and of course, field research, I bring you a perfect day in San Francisco. While I wouldn't claim that it's THE perfect day for anyone and everyone, to me, this day in San Francisco is a perfect, scrumptious little bite of all the amazingness that SF has to offer. Enjoy! *All photos by me unless otherwise noted.




To kick off my day, I'd get an early start by hitting up the Alemany Farmer's Market. While most tourists like to head to the Ferry Building Farmer's Market, I love hitting Alemany because it really represents all of the people and produce SF has to offer. From your Chinese grandmother to your downtown interior designer, people come from all walks of life to this market. Prices are reasonable and the selection is vast. No ridiculously expensive organic etc. etc. food here. Just real produce from passionate farmers.



Next up, B. Patisserie. I have to admit, it's a both a blessing and a curse that I only live a few blocks away. Famous for their kouign amanns, this place is my happy place (my pants can't say the same, but that's a story for another day). I love everything about this place- from their bright yellow chairs to their stunning desserts to their macaroon art display, this is definitely a must-see.



For such an urban city, SF sure has a lot of parks. While Dolores (ie hipster central) and Alamo Square (Full House houses) might be the most famous, my personal favorite is the underrated Alta Plaza Park. Located on top of a hill in Pacific Heights, it has an breathtaking view of the city, an off leash dog section, and a very well maintained kids' playground. I love bringing my dog here on a sunny day where she can sniff all the grass and play with the loads of other dogs that frolic here.

After stuffing my face with B. Patisserie, I'd head to the Divisadero Corridor to take a walk and see everything it has to offer. From a vintage kitchen store to a coffee shop with the best toast ever to a taxidermy, the Divisadero corridor has it all. I'd start on Haight and Divisadero, and then make my way down to Sutter. You'll definitely see a lot!



Finally, head to the Mission for dinner. There are so many amazing restaurants packed in just a few blocks it's almost overwhelming. Start off by grabbing some drinks at El Techo de Lolinda, a rooftop bar, for tasty drinks and a view. Cap it off with dinner at Foreign Cinema, an utterly beautiful restaurant that plays silent movies in their courtyard. Their lofty ceilings and gorgeous, rustic wood design makes the interior design lover in swoon. (Pro Tip: reservations highly encouraged, or if not, go at 9pm or afterwards).