Year One.

J for Jamie Blog | Wedding Oh my goodness, it's our official 1 year wedding anniversary! I can't believe the time has flown by so fast. I must admit, I still suffer from post-wedding sadness at times. I wish we could relive our wedding every weekend! Being married to Chris is a lot like when we were dating but it actually feels so much more special now. We are officially in this together, figuring everything as a team. Of course there are the occasional off days and disagreements but going through those with someone I care infinitely about makes it worth it. Our next big adventure is our official honeymoon trip/anniversary trip to Europe and I can't wait to travel around my favorite cities, and explore new ones, with my husband. Happy first year of amazing memories to my handsome husband! See more photos from our magical wedding on Instagram by searching #chrisheartsjamie.






photos by The Manchiks