Meet Sonia

intro_lovedart_1I am so pleased to introduce Sonia Scarr who currently lives in New York City. She is crazy talented and happens to be my cousin I've inherited through marriage. Sonia recently started an independent design studio called Love Dart. Her shop features a line of handcrafted leather goods and accessories designed and hand-stitched by Sonia herself. I am so inspired by Sonia and her work, I just had to feature her on J for Jamie. Here's a peek into her life, work space and some of her beautiful handmade products (dying over that canteen bag). Also, if you're curious, this is the meaning of Love Dart, fascinating!

Who she is / where she's from / what inspires her by Sonia Scarr

I'm a designer/maker/generally creative person! I studied graphic design, but feel much more fulfilled by working with my hands (hence launching Love Dart). I originally grew up on a farm in rural New Jersey, but also spent part of my childhood in the metropolis of Hong Kong. I find that juxtaposition to be a huge influence on my design sense--the organic materials of nature with the sleek design of a city. Other than that, one of my biggest inspirations is science. There's so much to pull from--the shapes of microorganisms, auroras and eclipses, the natural patterns of geometry, like in a snowflake or turtle shell. The other big inspiration is any artifact from the past 300 years or so--any ephemera, bottle, box, furniture or trinket you could find in an antique store.


jforjamie | meet sonia of love dart

jforjamie | meet sonia of love dart - products photos provided by sonia scarr

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