A guide to Chinese pastries

pastries_intro In the spirit of Chinese New Year, I wanted to share one of my favorite Chinese traditions, baked goods! A pink box of various freshly baked warm pastries and breads is common at any celebration. I have my favorites (Gai May Bao!) which remind me of family and happy childhood memories. My go-to Chinese bakery is on Noriega Street in San Francisco called Cafe Bakery Restaurant (next door is the restaurant, creative right?). Word to the wise, Chinese pastries should come fresh and warm from the oven, cost next to nothing (this entire box of goodies cost me $11) and you've only had the full experience when you've been yelled at by the impatient woman behind the counter who can artfully stuff a dozen pastries into a small box.






pastries_dantatphotos by jforjamie