Yoga Jasmine

DSC_0024 My sister Jasmine is the most interesting person I know. She is a social worker at a maximum security prison, paddle boards almost everyday, was a master triathlete, lived on a boat and is now pursuing a teaching career in yoga. This weekend she taught her first community yoga class in Berkeley, California. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go to the class so she came down for a visit and gave me my very own private yoga lesson at a nearby park. I have always learned so much from her and am constantly inspired by her energetic passion for life.

Not all yoga people are vegetarians or vegans. Not all yoga people are fit and healthy. Not all yoga people are white and affluent. Not all yoga people are hippies. Not all yoga people are minimalists. Not all yoga people are young and lithe. Yoga is for everyone who strives to be mindful, present and compassionate.

- Bryonie Wise

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photos by jforjamie