What he wore

whatHEwore_introChris was pretty proud of what he pulled together for him and his groomsmen for our wedding day so I wanted to share. He picked pretty much everything, down to the color of twine wrapped around the boutonnières and I'm oh so proud of him! Of course, there was a little direction from me. Aside from the cufflinks and shoes, his groomsmen wore entirely matching outfits and all looked quite dapper. My husband sure cleans up nice don't you agree? All photos taken by the lovely Manchiks. whatHEwore_cufflinksChris acquired these vintage cufflinks of indian head pennies from his grandfather. It was a nice touch to honor someone who wasn't there with us on our wedding day. whatHEwore_pocketsquareChris' amazing mother hand-made fabric pennants for the ceremony and used some of the leftover fabric to hand sew the pocket squares for all the groomsmen. whatHEwore_shoesChris originally wanted to go with a darker color shoe but I strongly suggested the caramel color because of it's warm tones. I think they looked great with the light colored suit. Zappos is a great resource for guys who don't like to go shopping! whatHEwore_tieAnother handmade gem, this time from the Etsy shop, Tux & Tulle. They customized the tie color and even made a matching bow tie for our adorable ring bearer. whatHEwore_watchLike my pearl earrings, Chris' watch is something he never takes off so of course he wore it during our wedding. It's also special because it was a gift given to him by his dad.

whatHEwore_suitTo keep costs low for his groomsmen, Chris went to a tailor in the Los Angeles garment district called Al Weiss. They have pretty much any color and style suit ever at incredibly affordable prices. I think the color and style looked really good with color accents from the tie, bout, belt and shoes. Go Chris!

photos by the manchiks