My makeup

makeup_1When I was young, I never properly learned how to put on makeup. It was just something my mom skipped over in lessons to teach her daughter. Everything I know now is knowledge acquired from magazines, YouTube videos and girlfriends. I think this is why I keep my makeup routine fairly simple. I also recently (and possibly regrettably) thought I'd try using fancy big girl makeup and now there's no turning back - the Chanel makeup counter makes me giddy with joy. So, my daily makeup routine is rice-powder foundation, some brow powder, a little blush (or bronzer in the summer), lipstick and a dash of perfume. I have eyelash extensions (a guilty pleasure I can't stop) so I skip the mascara and eyeshadow is only for nights out or special occasions. Sometimes I wish I was comfortable just leaving the house without any makeup but it makes me feel dolled up and pretty so why not? What's your routine and your favorite makeup products?

makeup_2 Foundation // Youngblood Rice Powder Foundation Eyebrows // Benefit Brow Zings Blush // Chanel Jouse Contraste Powder Blush Lipstick // Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick Perfume // Miss Marisa Original Perfume