A DIY Christmas

DIYxmasgifts_2013_intro Every year around this time, I come up with a grand plan of how I'm going to make all my Christmas gifts. I usually fail miserably and end up buying everyone's gifts. So, I gave myself a kick in the pants last weekend and started getting ready for a true DIY Christmas. The first stop was the Internet to figure out what I'm going to make. The DIY criteria this year was that the gifts had to be something simple and not overly ambitious to make. I have a nice collection of fabric to use so I wanted to get some practice on my sewing machine. And lastly, I wanted to make something that would actually be useful. Aside from Pinterest, one of my favorite sites to browse for crafty ideas is Craft Gawker. Here are some simple and easy DIY gifts I collected from the internet. Time to get cracking on those Christmas gifts!

See more of my other favorite finds on Pinterest.


Intro // Stenciled Tea Towels

1 // Zippered Case

2 // Cinnamon Body Scrub

3 // Tea Towels

4 // Denim Pencil Case

5 // Lavender Goats Milk Soap

6 // Painted Cork Coasters

7 // Leather Cord Tacos

8 // Coffee Cozies