To start the week.

cover_131013Well we had a productive weekend. We did some apartment purging because (drumroll) we're moving! Down the street that is, at the end of the month, to an empty family house so we can save up a little for our very own nest egg in San Francisco (or wherever the housing market will take us in a year). While cleaning up, I was going through old magazines and found some words of wisdom in a Real Simple I thought would be fun to share. All things I need to live by this week and all the time. Enjoy and hope you're having a great start to the week!

1_131013"Get enough natural light."

3_131013"All it takes is one flattering remark to make everyone feel more positive." 

2_131013"Break up your day with something that's not intellectually taxing." (Does Keeping Up With The Kardashians count?)

4_131013"Cut overwhelming tasks down to size." 

5_131013Ted Kennedy, founder of CEO Challenges, not the late Senator but nonetheless, good words to live by.

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