The Morning of the Wedding.


The morning of the wedding flew by like everything else that day. I awoke bright and early amongst my best girl friends and we ate a homemade breakfast while getting our hair and makeup done. Mine and Chris' first interaction with each other was via text, since we agreed we wouldn't see or talk to each other until our first look. I love looking at that screen-shot of our first text exchange because I remember just how incredibly excited and nervous and ready I felt. Also, Chris eased my nerves from afar with a special day-of wedding present he gave to my bridesmaid to give to me. He knew I was shopping around for the perfect pair of sunglasses so he surprised me with the cutest note he designed and a pair of Tom's sunnies for the big day (and for our Mexican-moon). Yesterday was the one month mark since our wedding so I thought it would be fun to re-live the beginning of that day - wish we could do it every month!