Food from our weekend.

pdxeat_intro I'm going to get straight to the good stuff from our weekend in Portland, Oregon. The food! There are some crazy amazing restaurants all over Portland and we basically ate (and shopped) our way through town. I love how artisanal and thoughtful the restaurants we tried were. The service was always so friendly and the prices incredibly reasonable - a 3-dollar-rating on Yelp meant the most expensive dish was about $15. Here are some of the delicious foods we ate, lengthy and complete list and links are below.


pdxeat_beerbeer pdxeat_bunk






Brunch Tasty N Sons // chocolate potato donuts, fried egg + cheddar biscuit with sausage, corned beef hash

Lunch Bread + Broth // brie, turkey, pesto grilled cheese, roasted tomato soup Bunk Sandwiches // oregon albacore tuna melt with anchovies, roasted pork shoulder sandwich

Dinner (not pictured) Aviary // shigoku oysters, japanese eggplant, slow poached egg + braised duck leg, crispy pig ear Bar Avignon // nevor netarts + caraquette fresh oysters, pub cheese + baguette crostinis Pok Pok // kai yang, fish sauce wings, kung op wun sen, phat khanaeng, sticky rice

Snacks + Dessert Beer Beer // housemade chipotle and chili corn nuts + anything on tap! Voodoo Doughnuts // voodoo doll, arnold palmer, butterfingering, dirt, glazed Salt + Straw // sea salt ice cream with caramel ribbon Stumptown Dumplings (not pictured) // cheeky chicken, pompous pork, steamed bao Barista (not pictured) // iced soy chai latte, some special beer they had on tap Douglas Fir Lounge (not pictured) // bread pudding