Card hoarder.

card_intro I love a good handwritten card. I love giving them, receiving them and sometimes just buying one because it's pretty or funny and maybe sometime in the future I'll use it. I have a huge box of cards that I keep on hand for those special occasions. And when there's a really special celebration happening, I go to one of my favorite stationery stores to pick out just the right one. I also keep almost every card I receive, I can't bring myself to throw them away, they're so precious. In the day in age of texts and e-mails, receiving a card filled with someone's carefully articulated words, written just for me, is something I have to cherish forever and ever. One can show so much thought and emotion by the card they give and what they write in it. Of course, I'm a sucker especially for letterpressed cards. These are some of my favorites I've collected over time.









For the wedding celebrations, I/we received a lot of beautiful congratulatory cards and letters from all our family and friends. I managed to compile all the bridal shower cards, but we have about a hundred more from the wedding.  I have them stored in a box, ready to be put in a book for keepsake. Call me a card hoarder, it's true!





DSC_0508 DSC_0511

designed and photographed by jforjamie © See more cards from sweet friends and President Obama on my Instagram, @jforjamie.

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