4 Years! (and counting)


4 years ago I was single, celebrating Obama's inauguration and dabbling in a match.com account. Then I spotted a cute guy and his well-written profile in a sea of of millions of people. And thereby blossomed a beautiful online dating success story. After a slew of e-mails, Chris and I met on August 7, 2009 and we haven't looked back since. To say it was love at first sight would be clichΓ© but it was definitely "time to cancel our match.com accounts at first sight". We've made so many memories in the past four years, I can't believe this is just the beginning. I could gush all day but I'll just say that I'm marring this guy in 22 days and I feel so incredibly lucky, (admittedly nervous) and SO excited. The wedding countdown continues! Mieuli159

photo by Breanna Carin // hire her, she's great