Fun at the fair.

At the antique fair, that is. This was my third time visiting the Alameda Antique Fair but every time has been such a different experience. I think it's mostly because I've been looking for vastly different things each time and that's the beauty of giant antique fairs. You can find pretty much any thing and everything vintage under the sky. This visit was to find various decor for the wedding, i.e. cake stands, vintage frames, various gold things. I've been getting pretty good at bargaining (or I should say, I've stopped being scared of asking for a lower price) so I think I scored some pretty good deals this time around. I met up with my friend Katie and her friend Robin who were both looking for home decor. They were also fantastic antique fair companions. I plan on going back next month to get some last minute wedding stuff (who's coming with me??), I wish I could go every month!

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