Wedding Update: What we're up to.

I've been intentionally hush hush about most of our wedding because I really want it to have an element of surprise for our guests. I definitely will have oodles to blog about post-wedding (and DIY galore!) but for now, here's a sneak peak of what we're planning for the big day (and leading up to it).

wedding_1We've always gravitated toward the mint and pink combo in our personal design aesthetic so naturally these became the most prominent colors in our decor.

wedding_2Succulents will definitely be making an appearance at the wedding. The biggest draw to them is that they can be prepped farther in advance than fresh cut flowers.


I have a vision of what I'd like our flower girls to wear but there are some factors I have to consider - comfort being the most important. I do know I'd like them to look more bohemian and less formal so I've been shopping for more of a pretty day dress look. Shopping for little girl clothes is so much fun!

wedding_4Chris is heading to Tahoe for his bachelor party with a few of this closest friends. I don't know the details of the shenanigans that will take place there but I'm pretty sure it'll involve something crazy like watching The Rat Pack is Back and reading books to each other.

wedding_5Come mid-August, I'm off to Palm Springs for my bachelorette weekend getaway with a few of my favorite gals. My amazing and lovely bridesmaids are planning it all and keeping most everything a surprise. All I know is when my flight leaves and to pack a bathing suit!

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