Life lessons from my dog.

After a week of being sick with the cold (and the flu for Chris), I've realized how much we sometimes need to take a break. Taking long walks with my dog, Roxy, is a moment in the day when I'm just spending time outside and watching her be so content with (literally) every little bush and stick she comes across. I think sometimes we can all learn a little something from our happy-go-lucky pets. dog_1



dog_4photos by the fabulous and talented breanna carin holderby

Appreciate beauty in ordinary things. Everyday we go on the same walk, we pass by the same things and sometimes even the same people and their dogs. But Roxy is equally excited every time, like it's a new adventure and she can't wait to find all the interesting things we may come across. I like to switch up my means of transportation so I can see things in a new light. When I ride a bike or walk instead of whizzing by things in a car, I see things I may not have otherwise noticed.

Get lots of rest. Roxy gets to nap about 80% of the day, maybe that's not humanly possible in normal adulthood (nor productive) but we should all take the time to sit down and relax.

Be happy to come home. No one is as excited for me to come home than my little pup. She is consistently ecstatic to see me every single time I walk through the door. Her wagging tail is one of the main reasons I look forward to coming home every day but also because I have a loving family and a warm bed to sleep in every night. I thank my lucky stars for all the people and things I have in my life.

Be nice to people. Roxy's not the biggest fan of other dogs, squirrels, cats or other furry animals but she loves people. She bypasses the dogs and waltzes right up to their owners to say hi. Saying a friendly hello never hurt anyone. Plus, taking the time to talk to my neighbors always makes me like living here more. I need to learn to say hi to the owners and not just their dogs.

Tell your loved ones how you feel about them. Every night Roxy will come up and nudge us to pet her or she'll roll over for a belly rub. When her tail is wagging and she looks like she's smiling, I truly believe she can feel how much she is loved and vice versa. I am so grateful for the people in my life and I don't think I express that enough to them. It's never too late to start!