Hazel + Eli's 1st Birthday Party, Part II.

Happy Friday! Here's part two of Hazel and Eli's birthday party last weekend. Their mother, Milcah, made an adorable photo timeline banner of every month since they were born and the photo centerpieces. It's fascinating how quickly babies grow up but it's so fun seeing them transform (can you tell I need some babies of my own?). All the kids at the birthday party were adorable but how crazy cute are those twins? My favorite part was when we sang happy birthday and Hazel and Eli were mesmerized by candle. I hope everyone has a nice long weekend planned ahead of them! elihazel_1

elihazel_2 elihazel_3 elihazel_4 elihazel_5 elihazel_6 elihazel_7 elihazel_8 elihazel_9 elihazel_10 elihazel_11 elihazel_12 elihazel_13 elihazel_14 elihazel_15 elihazel_16 elihazel_17 elihazel_18 elihazel_19 elihazel_20 elihazel_21

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