The best strawberries ever.

I grew up in the Central Valley of California, one of the most productive agriculture hubs in the world (thank you Wikipedia). To this day, I don't think I truly appreciate the Central Valley for what it is. Sometimes it's hard to overlook the heat and smog and small town mentality but it's my hometown and it will always have a special place in my heart. That being said, on a recent trip home to visit my parents (and to do a hair and makeup trial with one of my longtime friends), I stopped by this strawberry stand that's literally down the street from my parent's house. They had the freshest, juiciest, most vibrant colored strawberries I've ever seen, and it was 3 baskets-full for $5! I loved buying the strawberries on the strawberry farm, directly from the lovely people that picked them - who were as sweet as the strawberries! I don't think a lot of people can say they grew up down the street from a strawberry farm, a dairy or a walnut grove, but I did! Oh, and one of the things I made with these luscious strawberries, was a sweet strawberry buttermilk cake. strawberry_1





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