Palm Springs, I love you. (Part I)

I've decided that I love Palm Springs. It's such a fascinating place, like Florida, Los Angeles and Las Vegas rolled into one city in the middle of a sprawling dessert. If you go to Palm Springs, you're probably going to do something fun like lay by a pool all weekend or play golf or whatever you find relaxing. I love it because you can really customize your type of vacation. It's fun with a group of girlfriends or it's a perfect getaway with your beau. We happened to stay in quite possibly the coolest hotel ever, the Ace Hotel. By cool, I mean hipster and artsy and roaming with fashionable tatted LA people. Even our room had dashikis, a walking stick, vintage furniture and art prints that were far too cool for frames (they were hung up by binder clips). We felt really hip the whole weekend! ps_4









 photos by jforjamie ©