Meet Tracy.

One of my lovely friends from college, Tracy of Then I Got To Thinking, was kind enough to take time to do a special post with her wedding advice. Tracy got married a few years ago and is now expecting her first child with her husband Tim.


 I am so excited for my beautiful friend, Jamie, to be marrying her love. I know the wedding is going to be absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to see pictures and recaps all about her big day. She will absolutely be the most gorgeous bride.

I remember when I was getting married, I asked a few people for advice. One piece of advice that someone gave me that I have treasured and am so glad I took...take a few minutes to yourself a few times during the day to relish in the moment you're in.

We had a beautiful morning getting ready on our wedding day. I was surrounded by some of my closest girlfriends and family members and it was absolutely special. I knew the day was going to fly by (which it did... faster than any other day I have ever lived) and so I took a few minutes to sneak away and just watch. I watched who was there, watched them get ready, apply make up - it was all so beautiful. During the wedding I did the same thing, I stepped back to enjoy the people dancing, the decor, everything. As the night came to a close, I was so appreciative of those moments. Take it all in, and remember why you're there... for love. It's more important than any small detail of that day!

Congrats to my gorgeous friend, Jamie!  I am so excited for you!


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