Wedding Update: Wedding dress found and purchased!

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I skipped the Black Friday madness and instead did Wedding Dress Sunday. My mom and sister accompanied me while I tried on a few more dresses (this was the third trial!) at Trudy's in Campbell. I had gone to Trudy's once before with my future mother and sister-in-law and fell in love with a dress then. When I went back, I wanted to show my mom and sister "the one". I didn't think that feeling of finding THE dress would happen to me since I wasn't putting a lot of stock into my wedding dress (was hoping to just come across it in a vintage dress shop), but when I put this dress on it was all butterflies. With all mothers' and sisters' approvals, I knew I could keep looking and find a satisfactory dress later or go with my heart and get this one. Luckily I had my voices of reason by my side (thanks Mom and Jas) and went with my heart. I think with weddings, it's all about your heart. Thank you, Mom, for being patient and helping me find the dress of my dreams, I feel so special and I am eternally grateful for you! Speaking of dresses, I received this adorable bride-to-be to-do list  from BHLDN today. I wish I could show you my dress but I couldn't ruin the surprise now could I?

credit :: bhldn