Thanksgiving with the Mieuli's

Mieuli holidays are like something out of a Food Network cooking show. I love spending Thanksgiving with Chris and his family because it is always lively, delicious and a joyous event. The entire family is in the kitchen cooking up all the traditional Thanksgiving dishes you can think of. This year we also got to spend some time with Chris' visiting sister, brother-in-law and their adorable kiddos. The real star of the day was the perfectly cooked turkey, ready just in time for 3 generations of family to sit down and eat, Norman Rockwell style. The best thing (and most challenging) is after Mieuli Thanksgiving, we dash off to second Thanksgiving with my family. Unfortunately, I was so exhausted I forgot my camera for my family gathering! Perhaps one day we can join all families for a holiday and then I can eat in moderation. Until then, I'll be stuffing myself in true American holiday spirit.

photos by jforjamie ©