Wedding Update: Finding a wedding dress.

We (only) have 11 months until our wedding and I have no leads on a wedding dress so I'm starting to internally freak out. I know it's silly to worry this soon, at least that's what every keeps telling me, but this wedding dress business is hard work. Don't get me wrong, I've found plenty of dresses that I love but it's the cost of these dresses that's starting to give me small ulcer. Is it impossible to find a dress that I love but not cost a quarter of our entire wedding budget?  I've started looking at some non-traditional routes like getting a custom dress made on Etsy for a fraction of the cost but there seems to be a lot of risk involved (aka not trying the dress on, not seeing the fabric, possibly communicating with a scammer from China who calls himself "Susie"). I'm torn between "saving" money on a dress I'll wear for 8 hours or not worrying and getting something I love - no matter the cost. Ideally Vivienne Westwood would just send me a dress in a huge beautiful box or Vogue would ask me to do a wedding dress photo shoot and give me the option of choosing one of the dresses  (Sex & The City anyone?). Of course, I wouldn't get stood up on my wedding day. For now I'll keep searching and hopefully the dress will find me!

a girl can dream. {photo found here}