Nouri's First Birthday.

Nouri is the baby of our house guests, Eike and Sara, from Berlin, Germany. He turned 1 at the end of September and we are so happy we got to celebrate with them. We had a small but quite lovely celebration at our house and our friend Milcah came with her twin babies, Hazel and Eli. Sara made a delicious family dish for dinner and chocolate marble cake for dessert. Nouri, still too young to understand birthdays, was just delighted (as he always is) to suddenly have so many toys and people to play with. Also it was his first time having chocolate. Milcah's babies were also adorable and were really good the whole evening. Chris and I had a competition to see who could get a baby to sleep first and I, obviously, won. Baby birthdays are the best, happy 1 year Nouri!

photos by jforjamie ©