Farewell WSI!

Last week marked the end of my journey at Williams Sonoma Inc. and today I begin a new chapter at Apple. It's amazing the kind of relationships I have built with my co-workers at Williams Sonoma since I saw them more than I saw my family. It was incredibly hard to leave the friends at work that I had coffee with every morning, lunch everyday and were there for me through all of work and life's good times and bad. Since giving my notice, I've had several panicked moments of doubt that I made the wrong decision because I care so much about my friends at work and I loved my job (most of the time). However, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to work at another amazing but larger company and have more time with my fiance and family. My last day was bittersweet and my lovely co-workers brought some delicious treats to celebrate and gave me a beautiful handmade card. After work we grabbed some drinks and had some fun in a bar photo booth that I will be hanging up in my new cubicle. I also made everyone take some cheesy but blog-worthy photos. Farewell everyone, I'll miss you!

photos by jforjamie ©