La La Land (aka Los Angeles).

My good friend Michelle and I took a road trip down to Los Angeles for Memorial Day and to celebrate our friend Adrianna's birthday. It was exactly the getaway I'd been needing and it was so much fun having a girl's weekend. Adrianna and her boyfriend Steve were the most amazing hosts and took us around to all the most adorable places in Los Angeles. We hiked, we brunched, we shopped, we ate some more, we danced and best of all, we laughed pretty much non-stop. Every time I visit LA, I convince myself I should move there - so I can brunch and shop and eat non-stop. Chris has to intervene when I return from these weekend trips and remind me that I love the Bay Area and there are reasons why we should stay here - mainly family and employment. Sigh, can't the 2 ends of California just merge together and form one beautiful, warm, sunny and progressive land for all us Californians to enjoy? Thank you Adrianna, Steve and Michelle for a wonderful weekend, until we meet again!

photos by jforjamie ©