Happy Summer!

For me, June will always mark the beginning of summer, vacations and warm relaxing days. It might be my everlasting school-girl mentality that I'm still stuck in (even though I've been out of college for a few years now). When June rolls around it's always the season of graduations, traveling, baby births (there seem to be so many in the summer!), going to the beach, vacationing, street fairs, pool parties and barbeques. In San Francisco, we only get a few sunny days July through August, so they're fully taken advantage of when they come. Fortunately, Chris and I have migrated to the warmth of the East Bay and we're often hanging out in San Jose (where it reaches the 90's) so we'll have plenty of opportunities to work on our tans and enjoy a real summer. Anyhow, summer will also mark the beginning of my rejuvenated blog posting so hooray! I have lots of projects to share. For now, here's a lovely photo of Ocean Beach in San Francisco. I snapped this on the evening Chris popped the question back in April but it still reminds me of summer. Happy summer everyone!

photo by jforjamie ©