Lovely accessories.

No, I have not found or even started trying on wedding dresses yet. Even I think it's a little early to do this, however, I can't help but browse for what I want to wear on our big day. It's also been quite fun receiving picture messages of dresses from Chris' sister and mother who are currently in London. I've been doing some wishful (internet) window shopping for all the beautiful accessories they make these days, just for brides. So many options to choose from! There are some things I wish I could pull off (that amazing hat?!) but I know I'll end up with more simple adornments. Who knows though, I suppose I shouldn't accessorize until I find the real star - the wedding dress. Here are some beautiful pieces that have caught my eye the past few days.

{bhldn necklace, earrings, gloves, lo boheme shoe clips, twigs and honey head pieces}