Happy birthday Roxy!

Today our little pup turns 13! My mom got Roxy for me from the Visalia SPCA when I was in middle school and she's been my little darling ever since. Chris and I are so happy she's been able to live with us in Berkeley and I think Roxy's enjoying it quite a bit herself too. Today we took her for a birthday bath, got her a big cookie and her favorite rawhides, let her chase the cats in the backyard and put some doggy-certified organic raw meat in her dinner. By the end of the day she was pooped and has been sleeping ever since. Chris and I had a celebratory lunch at Summer Kitchen (patting ourselves on the back for being good dog owners). I can't believe Roxy's 13 but luckily she acts more like a 3 year old. Happy birthday Roxy girl!

photos by jforjamie ©