Treasure Island Flea Market.

Well, it's decided. I'm booking every last weekend of the month for the Treasure Island Flea Market. My friends, Nicole and Lindsey, met me out on Treasure Island on Sunday to check out the antique fair, complete with food and coffee trucks. The weather was amazing (the perfect San Francisco sunny chill) and the market is only $3 to get in (free if you bring 3+ people). There are some amazing finds from very friendly vendors. I could have purchased the entire market! I was really into the old frames, suitcases and furniture. I was also looking for a little bag for my camera but decided against paying $800 for a vintage Gucci bag. The best part of the market is the picturesque backdrop of the San Francisco skyline and the Bay. It is so beautiful! Lindsey and Nicole found some great original art and I bought an amazing white trunk/suitcase I plan to make into a little table. I love flea markets, there are so many around the Bay Area, I can't wait to scour more of them!

photos by jforjamie ©