Sew practical.

I have a new resolution: get to know my sewing machine. To me, sewing is one of those skills you need to keep up or you'll forget how to do it. My biggest enemy is that damn presser foot. I managed a couple projects last year but it took me forever and lots of concentration. I'd like to one day just sit down and sew at ease. I think knowing how to sew is one of the most practical skills you can have - aside from accounting, car mechanics and karate. Therefore, my new resolution is to master (or at least become better at) sewing. I found this handy tutorial from the Make It and Love It blog. She gives a step by step guide on sewing back stitches, straight lines, zig zags, etc. I'm going to dedicate a weekend to engrain these into my head. Hopefully I'll be sewing like a pro by 2013!

{photo credit: make it love it}