A weekend with Bree & Whitney.

The same weekend Breanna came up for Roxy's photoshoot, our other hometown friend, Whitney, decided to join us in the festivities. Breanna came from San Diego and Whitney came all the way from Seattle to spend the weekend with me! They were also both in on my surprise party and I was blissfully unaware the entire time. During their stay, we showed them a little of the East Bay and took them to Hawker Fare, Cafe Van Cleef and of course, Summer Kitchen. Whitney was Bree's assistant during the photoshoot and enticed Roxy with dog treats to look at the camera. We also made Chris take some photos of the three of us for fun. Afterwards, we spent a day in San Francisco, visited the MOMA and did a little shopping. Then we came home to my amazing surprise birthday party (more on that later). It's so amazing to have friends you've known since childhood that you can still relate to and enjoy being around. They are also both so creative and talented and so darn photogenic! Thanks for visiting Bree and Whitney, the next trip will be San Diego or Seattle!

photos by jforjamie ©