Poulet, Berkeley

We were looking for a good sandwich place in the Gourmet Ghetto of Berkeley for lunch one day and stumbled across Poulet. A family owned deli specializing in serving rotisserie chicken, French style? Yes please! Rotisserie chicken is easily one of my all time favorite foods. When I lived in Italy, we used to go to the Saturday Farmer's Market just to visit the "Rotisserie Man" (as we called him). He sold delicious and juicy rosemary rotisserie chicken from his little food truck. Poulet does rotisserie chicken the European way and they serve various chicken sandwiches on Acme bread. Chris ordered their friend chicken sandwich with homemade coleslaw and I got the roasted chicken panini with brie cheese - so delicious! I highly recommend this place for a delectable lunch spot, can't wait to try the whole rotisserie chicken special!

photos by jforjamie ©

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