Christmas Handmade.

While my spare time for blogging has been consumed with frantic house hunting, I've also been thinking a lot about Christmas presents (eek! I can't believe it's just around the corner). I love giving something for Christmas that's handmade, whether I've made it or I've "hand"-picked it from Etsy. I think it's so much more personal and unique to give a handemade gift. While I've had to choose what I make and Etsy-source due to time, I've been thinking of some easy yet thoughtful DIY things I can realistically make in a month. I'm leaning toward some hand-embroidered or screen-printed tea towels. I think/hope they're easy to embroider and who doesn't love an adorable towel to hang up in their kitchen? Here are some adorable tea towels I love. Time to start brainstorming some designs!

{stephanie cole designyotl designs}

{lilla studiomeyls}