Happy Halloween!

This weekend we celebrated Halloween by throwing on some of our old costumes and going out on the town. I was "vintage" Lady Gaga and Chris was Marty McFly from Back to the Future. We met up with our good friend Craig (who was a gogo dancer) in the Castro in San Francisco. Although they've cancelled their big annual Halloween party, the Castro is still a great place to go to see some fabulous costumes. We did a little dancing and then just walked around taking pictures. Chris was quite the trooper this evening as he may have been the only fully clothed person on Castro. Thanks Craig for a great Halloween!

gogo dancer vintage lady gaga. marty mcfly otterpop & mermaid google map & 101 dalmations captain america & "i survived my first earthquake" tacolicious & baby giraffe elephant, top 1%, deer hunter and deer. woody, tobias fünke blue man, anti-halloween costume new lady gaga, vintage lady gaga, mormon, whoopie cushion (photos of me taken by photographer barry burke) all other photos by jforjamie ©