Arick + Cece get hitched.

arick cece.jpg

After 8 years, my big brother and his girlfriend (er...wife) tied the knot this weekend. It was a crazy fun (emphasis on crazy) wedding, unlike any I've ever experienced. It was emotional, happy, overwhelming and most importantly full of love and adoration toward the happy couple. The ceremony was held in a Japanese garden at the Kyoto Grand Hotel and it was simple, sweet and really personal. My brother actually got his sentiment on and wrote his own vows! Those certainly brought on the waterworks for all of us. The reception was held at a Chinese restaurant and was an interesting mix of Chinese and American traditions. As a bridesmaid, I was a little too busy to really snap any photos of my own but I've seen the wedding photographer's work and the pictures look amazing, I can't wait to share some of them. Congratulations to Arick and Cece, hope you're having fun on your honeymoon and see you in December!