A baby shower for Cheryl & Jean Noel.

Over the weekend I helped throw a baby shower for my dear friend/co-worker Cheryl and her husband Jean Noel. I took on the decorations and party favors while Cheryl's husband/daddy-to-be and her sister April provided the delicious food. I did a woodland owl/bird theme for the decor and used this Pottery Barn Kids nursery collection as my color inspiration. I ordered these adorable cookie toppers from Lady Cupcake on Etsy and created tags to go with them for the party favors. I also made the sock egg carton I've been wanting to do and the diy yarn balls added a sweet touch to the food table. The food and desserts went perfectly with the theme, I'm so pleased Cheryl's family are such foodies! It was also fun seeing so many people from work at the party (see work photo below). Our other co-worker Sheena brought white onsies and fabric markers for us to decorate. I thought that was brilliant since half of us there were graphic designers. Cheryl and Jean Noel got some pretty unique onsies for their baby! There was also the most adorable baby boy that I wanted to keep, not to be mistaken for our own child in the photos. Chris and I were smitten to be a part of such a wonderful celebration (Chris secretly loves baby showers), thank you Cheryl and Jean Noel for including us in this amazing time in your lives! We can't wait to meet the little peanut.

all photos by jforjamie ©