Watch me.

Ever since I scored my amazing handmade Camel Gold Bali Stud watch by La Mer Collections, I've been obsessed with their entire collection of watches. I found my watch at my favorite San Francisco boutique, Therapy, that carries a handful of their styles. I love any accessory that's fabulous and isn't made of metal since I'm super allergic to non-silver and gold things. That's why I love this watch, it's made of soft leather and wraps around my wrist 3 times so it looks like a wrist wrap/bracelet and then has a petite little watch! I think I'm getting watch-greedy because now I'm longing for their Aqua - Gold Oversize Vintage Watch. The price is really affordable but I'm trying to save my mula for our Hong Kong trip - one more little watch wouldn't hurt a girl's wardrobe (or wallet), would it?

la mer collections.