The day in Cabo San Lucas.

During our Mexico vacation, we decided to peel ourselves away from the resort pool to take the shuttle into Cabo San Lucas. We also really wanted to swim in the ocean but the waves were too high at our hotel. Cabo San Lucas is in a protected cove so it's safe to swim in. I was really surprised to see that Cabo is much like Pier 39 in San Francisco or any major tourist attraction near the ocean. There was even a big mall complete with a Johnny Rockets and Hard Rock Cafe. Once we got past the timeshare/Lover's Island Tour/kayak rental guys, we found our way to the water and jumped right in. Luckily, there was barely anyone around so we could safely leave our bag and towels on the sand and enjoy the water together. When we were hungry, we made our way to the first restaurant we saw (literally on the beach) to get some tacos. These places are what I imagine MTV Spring Break's atmosphere to be like so we ate as quickly as we could, avoided eye contact with the tequila man and headed back to our quiet secluded area on the beach. I highly recommend staying in San Jose del Cabo (or in the safety of your resort) if you don't feel like being in a party atmosphere or getting harassed by people trying to sell you things. But do go swimming in the warm and beautiful ocean! Thanks to Chris' mom's camera, we were able to take some pictures.

Chris, proudly being a beach angel.

That's Lover's Beach behind us. Apparently we were on Divorce Beach.

Trying to enjoy our lunch while avoiding the Tequila man at Mango.