San Jose del Cabo.

Cabo was relaxing and luxurious and exactly what Chris and I needed. We both wanted to spend the entire week doing pretty much doing nothing and that's what we go to do. The hotel resort we stayed in was called Barceló Los Cabos Palace Deluxe in San Jose del Cabo (which I mistakenly thought was Cabo San Lucas). We opted for an all-inclusive resort for this vacation so we could relax and we upgraded to a premium package that came with an ocean view suite, spa packages (I finally got my massage/body wrap/mud bath!), access to all the resort restaurants and celebrity-like treatment. I think our favorite part of the resort were the private hydro-thermal circuits in the spa which we enjoyed when we wanted a break from the sun. We went into town one day which was fun to see some local sights but it was so hot we just wanted to get back to the pool. We also took a shuttle to Cabo San Lucas to swim in the ocean (since the waves were to big in San Jose del Cabo - Cabo pictures to come). I'll do a special food post on all the delicious gourmet meals we ate during our stay. I highly recommend doing one of these vacations if you want a quick and easy trip that's really affordable. I'll smother you with pictures to prove my point. Ah, how I wish I was back under the warm sun with my fruity blended drink!

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