Two, continued.

For the weekend of our 2 year celebration, Chris and I decided to just relax and do stuff that we enjoy doing together. On Saturday, we went hiking in Muir Woods which is just across the bridge from Berkeley (or SF) and is a great place to spend a day outdoors without having to go very far. We ate lunch at the Muir Wood Trading Company Cafe right by the park entrance and ate their signature Marin Melt with tomato soup. This was the perfect food for a long day of hiking and probably the best grilled cheese I've ever had (slathered with Mt. Tam and Pt. Reyes Toma cheese from the local Cowgirl Creamery). Halfway up our hike on the Ocean View Trail, Chris got attacked by yellow jacket bees and we had to head back but we found out (simply by waiting for his throat not to close up) that he's not allergic to bee stings so we continued our hike on one of the easier trails. Aside from that, we had a beautiful day enjoying another Northern California natural beauty.

The next day (August 7th - the day Chris and I met each other for the first time) Chris woke me up with breakfast in bed. We lounged around and then went bowling (something we did on our first date). I think bowling is now our annual tradition since we've did it last year on our anniversary as well. It brought us back to our first date and how we were both trying to impress each other with our bowling skills (mine of which are non-existent). It seems like just yesterday I was meeting Chris for the first time!

We ended our lovely weekend with dinner at Wayfare Tavern. The place with the delicious popovers (and also Tyler Florence's new restaurant). We had a couple delicious cocktails (for me, a Pimm's Cup) and had deviled eggs at the bar. They sat us by the fire place which was uber romantic and perfect. We had fresh oysters, an organic butter lettuce salad and more popovers. Chris had the steak frites and I ordered the signature fried chicken. I never thought fried chicken could melt in your mouth, until I had Wayfare Tavern's fried chicken. This was by far one of the best meals we've had and we still had celebratory cupcakes to enjoy at home! The weekend was a perfect time to reflect on the past 2 years and remind each other of the things we most love about each other. Happy 2 to us!

all photos by jforjamie ©