The Bridesmaid Philosophy by Elizabeth Choi.

Hello everyone! My name is Liz and I have the great big honor of guest blogging for my fabulous cousin, Jamie, while she is soaking up el sol in Cabo San Lucas! ¿Que divertido, no? Speaking of cousins, my other cousin (Jamie’s big brother) will be a married man in a matter of weeks! I’m really looking forward to his wedding in October. With a family like ours, I already know it’s going to be a perfect mix of crazy fun insanity. The wedding got me thinking about other weddings I have been part of. By August of next year, I will have been a bridesmaid five times, and well on my way to being Jane played by Katherine Heigl in that B-list movie, “27 Dresses”, only I am far less neurotic and definitely not in love with either of my sisters’ boyfriends.

At this point, I feel like I have a decent grasp of what it takes to be a supportive bridesmaid and wanted to share some insights I've gained.

1. The wedding preparation and the wedding day is all about the bride. So if need be, train yourself to be extra sacrificial, understanding and flexible now. It’s her day to be treated like Kate Middleton! (Or a likeable Kim Kardashian)

2. That being said, it’s okay to not like her a little bit as you plan the wedding. (Gasp!) Wedding preparation can be extremely frustrating and it has the potential to bring the worst out in people. Just be sure to hide your feelings and forgive her at the reception’s open bar.

3. Being part of the wedding party is an honor. My philosophy is that the wedding party stands at the altar with the couple to show their love and support of the couple and the life they are about to lead together. So whether you feel like crying tears of joy or tears of aggravation, just know that you were chosen for a special reason.

4. One of my favorite things about being involved with a wedding is getting to know the parents and family members of the marrying couple. The family members always reflect the quirkiest aspects of the couple but they also can be good springboards for honest conversation and stress relief.

5. Throw an unforgettably fantastic bridal shower and/or bachelorette (the bachelorette can be unforgettable for other reasons, of course). These are your last few moments to spend with this chick while she is unmarried so go crazy and culminate your friendship with a fun and memorable event. She will love how much you love her.

I hope those tips are helpful for ladies (or gentlemen) who need a little pep talk in wedding party involvement. Now, time to brush up on my electric slide! I have less than one month.

- By Elizabeth Choi of Lizisms

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