Summer is...


Tracy from Shutterbean (who's a co-host on the Joy the Baker podcast that gets me through the work day) recently posted what Summer is to her. Since I've been doing a lot of complaining on the lack of warm weather in this town, I thought it'd be nice to re-think the things I like about summer rather than dislike. I suppose in retrospect, I actually appreciate this cold weather while most of the country is boiling and suffering from extreme heat waves. Plus, it makes us appreciate summer vacations, sandals, ice cream and other summery things that much more. Us Bay Area folks don't take a warm sunny day for granted. Here's what summer is to me.

dinner from food trucks at off the grid.

live music and farmer's markets

lounging by the pool.

a fresh summer salad.

balloons for any occasion.

a delicious homemade Mieuli burger.

a ballgame at AT&T park.

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